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Splitting the word responsibility, forms two words – “response” and “ability” emphasizing that it is our ability to respond that matters. It is not our circumstances that define our life; it is our response to the circumstances that define us.

Effective leaders do not merely react; they respond powerfully to their challenges. They continually invest in themselves by strengthening their emotional reach, creative approach and intellectual prowess. They continually prepare for the moments when seemingly the odds stack against them and when most throw in the towel. They are relentless in their ability to move us; to ignite the passion within us and to inspire us.

Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the realization that something else is more important. Leaders don’t just provide answers, they ignite dreams, they create new futures.

It’s easy to get frustrated, to get disappointed, to become exasperated, to blame others. It’s the exception to take responsibility and initiative – to show another a new way.

Too often people complain that their coworkers lack initiative, motivation and determination. Perhaps that is true or perhaps, the problem is the way you see the problem. If you believe they are not capable and are not motivated; often, they act in accordance.

Beware of those self-fulfilling prophecies that never fail. Instead, experiment with the disciplined and repetitive approach of asking what you could provide, what action you could take, what invitation you might extend or what you could say that would provoke a different response.

These words are exemplified every day by my clients, friends, and family who continue to take responsibility and never ever cease to amaze and inspire. Thank you.

In practice,


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