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"If we don't challenge the way things have

always been, we'll never discover the

greatest breakthroughs of our future"

Sandi Krakowski


Whether a coach’s success is measured by the attainment of goals established at the onset of an engagement or by a leader’s drive toward organizational alignment, achievement and accountability, the process is highly experiential and transformational.

What do top performers, professional athletes, musicians, and successful business leaders have in common?  Yes, they have a coach.  Human beings act and behave better when someone is listening and creating with them.  Another fact, human beings are notoriously bad at knowing how they are perceived and success is often determined by that perception.

A great coach offers insights, demands personal reflection, causes greater self-awareness and drives one beyond comfort levels.

A great coach serves as an invaluable source of accountability and partnership.  Often, leaders are on their own, experiencing feelings of separateness and uncertainty.  A successful coaching relationship dramatically impacts this condition; whereby, fostering experiences of empowerment and achievement beyond what is expected.


All consulting engagements are strategic, forward-thinking, and impactful. In examining the team’s barriers, challenges, and opportunities, a space for new possibilities will arise.  New concepts are introduced that has team members view things differently, question truths and realities, and shape new futures for themselves and the organization.  


Assessments are necessary and critical tools in affecting change.  Assessments are designed to identify an individual’s and an organization’s strengths and development opportunities.  Periodic evaluations, surveys and assessments are performed throughout the duration of all coaching and consulting engagements.  This reality check serves to answer the question of “How are we doing?” and “What can we improve?”. These tools provide feedback and gauge an organization’s and individual’s effectiveness and adaptability in implementing the desired change and serve as an indicator for current and future progress.


Having addressed many audiences over the years, the one thing that remains constant is that people crave knowledge, inspiration and fun.  The design of a keynote or motivational speech is to inspire and create short term value.

Our keynotes powerfully connect the audience to a cause, ignite passion with purpose and inspire aligned, focused and determined action.  We bring a breadth and depth of transformational leadership to audiences ranging from automotive business owners to medical professionals, from women realtors to industry wide young professionals, and not-for-profit organizations.

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