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Reflect. Experiment.
Practice. Fail. Try Again.
Change the World
Seeking leaders who are motivated to tackle big challenges, have proven track records and value continuous learning.


Leadership Impact Cohort V guides leaders in unleashing the power within. They are motivated to take on the promise and demand of a whole new future for themselves and their organizations. Delmarva is primed with talented, skilled and resourceful leaders; yet, many are untapped, undeveloped and unrecognized.  Leadership Impact is a Dynamics Leadership Institute program.


Our program advances great leaders. We take leaders beyond what they already know and equip them with new tools and new ways of thinking about themselves and others so that growth, creativity, and innovation rule the day. Great leaders make a positive impact. They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us. Together, we explore what that looks like and get significantly better at making change happen.

Inner Workings

Leadership Impact Cohort V  is held at The Clubhouse at Baywood, Long Neck, Delaware -- a Sodel Concepts restaurant and event facility. This location is perfectly private, professional, and comfortable with convenient access to major thoroughfares, ample parking, internet and scrumptious catering services.


There are 10 all-day meetings over a 10 month period with an initial two consecutive day start on October 2 and 3, 2019.  Additionally, there are a total of 10 executive coaching sessions (one-to-one) conducted monthly throughout the entirety of the program. We are excited to partner with business owners, senior leaders, emerging leaders and high potential leaders who are already great. It is our responsibility and privilege to inspire them to be better.

Through a dialogue that brings together professional experience, education, feedback, and practical coaching prowess, leaders will discover how to effectively merge timeless leadership principles and emerging best practices allowing for ultimate impact. 

The Future

There is nothing more noble than to lead people to excellence, fulfillment and collective achievement. Leaders will experience an intentional journey of transformation over the duration of Leadership Impact and beyond. Together, we will revolutionize the way business is conducted. People will be inspired to think, act and lead from the heart for sustainable success.


Eunice Carpitella, MSOD, PCC

Founder | Executive Coach | Leadership Expert

Transformative Dynamics, llc.

Eunice, is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation with a masters degree in Organizational Dynamics from University of Pennsylvania. With more than 30 years of investment, consulting and coaching industry experience, Eunice’s clients represent leaders spanning the agricultural chemical industry to the telecommunications industry as well as the higher education, non-profit and government sectors. 

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