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Where Something Much Bigger Exists
...defy, deconstruct, discover...


Completion of Leadership Impact is a prerequisite 

Capstone Leadership is a six month revolution leaving no stone unturned. Every aspect of your being will awaken to not merely a quick fix, but rather a leadership rebirth, a whole-life transformation. 


This breakthrough program applies the laws of transformation and promises newfound freedom and radical change.  Leaders will be challenged to deconstruct and defy their ingrained patterns and behaviors propelling them forward to a new space. 


Building on previous Transformative Dynamics' programs, it is time to begin again.  We will honor that voice that beckons you to dare what is truly possible and to discover what you are made of. As always we will arrive home at the conclusion of our hero's journey with the elixir of life.


Why six months?  Studies show that for real and sustainable change to occur, it takes our brains and bodies at least six months to sync up to actualize the changes for which we are striving.  Capstone Leadership has been built around six half day meetings monthly from January to June and is supported by monthly executive coaching.  No formal meetings during the summer are required; however, leaders will be asked to serve as coaches for a summer leadership challenge.   Attendance is required at all sessions.  Location is to be determined.

The Future

Through the use of self-assessments, self-exploration, lecturettes, case studies, and group dynamics, leaders are guided and coached through an experiential journey leading to personal discovery, authentic leadership, and revolutionary results.



Eunice Carpitella, MSOD, PCC

Founder | Executive Coach | Leadership Expert -  Transformative Dynamics, llc.

Eunice, is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation with a masters degree in Organizational Dynamics from University of Pennsylvania. With more than 30 years of investment, consulting and coaching industry experience, Eunice’s clients represent leaders spanning the agricultural chemical industry to the telecommunications industry as well as the higher education, non-profit and government sectors. 

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