Frequently asked questions

What are the dates and times of Capstone Leadership?

This program takes place on the third Thursday of the following months in 2018 Thursday, January 18 February 15 March 15 April 19 May 17 June 21 There are no formal meetings in July and August. Leaders will be required to serve as coaches for a summer leadership challenge.

What does Capstone Leadership mean?

Leaders serious about causing a revolutionary change within themselves are perfect for this program. While leaders are familiar with the practice of transformational leadership; this program leaves no stone unturned in the domains of growth and change. It is radical, sustainable, and powerful.

Who should enroll?

Leaders who express a desire to go to the next level personally and professionally, want to change, grow and develop others and have completed Leadership Impact are perfect for the program

How do I apply for Capstone Leadership?

Please complete the on-line "Expression of Interest".

What are the requirements for Capstone Leadership?

A passion and commitment for growth and change is required as well as successful completion of both Leadership Impact and WeLEAD.

Should I consider asking my boss?

Absolutely discuss this with your boss, if you have one. Entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers, and independent consultants are welcome as well. You may find it empowering to share what you are learning and accomplishing in the program with your boss and colleagues. Remember, you are the lucky one to have a coach to work with and to be surrounded by selected participant leaders, so share what you gain with others. You alone must do it, but you don’t do it alone. Be a true partner. Your boss may offer to pay for the program – we hope that’s the case! And then, your boss may want to do the next program and/or identify others for future programs.

What is the attendance policy?

Attendance at all in-person and phone meetings is mandatory; no exceptions. One of the realities of leadership is to embrace the notion that others are counting on you and every other leader to be fully present. We ask that you allocate your time accordingly and take this process seriously.

Will there be any travel-related actvities?

Travel to off-site locations may be a possibility. On occasion meetings will be held off-site and hosted by area business leaders to optimize learning and to increase the assurance of leaders’ fun, engagement, understanding and intended results. All off-sites will be announced in advance to allow for planning

Where does the Capstone Leadership take place?

We are thrilled to have SoDel Concepts as a strategic, collaborative partner. Capstone Leadership will be held at a SoDel Concepts restaurant and event facility in Sussex County, Delaware. These locations allow for a private, professional, and comfortable environment with easy access to surrounding communities, ample parking, internet and scrumptious catering services. Coffee Service is available with short breaks throughout the program.

Who facilitates Capstone Leadership?

Eunice Carpitella, founder, leadership expert and executive coach, Transformative Dynamics, llc will lead Capstone Leadership. Eunice is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation with a master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics from University of Pennsylvania. With more than 30 years of investment, consulting and coaching industry experience, Eunice has worked with leaders in various industries including Agricultural Chemical, Automotive, Entertainment, Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, and Telecommunications as well as the Government and Non-Profit sectors.
Additionally, the program will feature influential business leaders as honorary guest speakers.

What is the class size

There will be less than 20 leaders in all programs designed by Transformative Dynamics to maximize personalized value and individual attention. The leaders in our program are already great. It is our responsibility and privilege to inspire them to be better. We partner with business owners, senior leaders, emerging leaders and high potential leaders committed to being their best. All join us with years of experience, knowledge and success representing large and small companies from various industries and sectors.

How much time can I expect to spend on fieldwork?

In addition to a full day monthly and a monthly coaching meeting, we recommend that leaders allocate at least two hours weekly for reading, research and independent fieldwork. Getting better requires practice. Additionally, your peer group and accountability partner may suggest phone and/or in person meetings in between monthly gatherings.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon enrollment. Be advised that this program will fill up. If you are clear this is for you, please register as soon as possible.

Is financial aid a possibility?

We understand that program fees may be a stretch for some. Please contact us to discuss options.

What outcomes can be expected for Capstone Leadership?

Capstone Leadership will navigate you through an intentional and experiential journey of transformation building on the foundational programs of Leadership Impact and WeLEAD. Just when we as leaders settle in to our new normal, Capstone Leadership is designed to disrupt comfort levels and to have all leaders powerfully begin again. This new start vitalizes and revolutionizes a whole new discovery process. Leaders can expect the unexpected; Leaders will discover themselves newly; Leaders will go tap into the elements of belief, trust and engagement that have not yet been tested culminating is mastery levels of c0-creative leadership.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, leaders will received a certificate of profesional development.


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