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Best Summer Yet

Occasionally I write in a journal to help capture powerful and positive moments and to reflect on my growth. I found myself getting excited for the leaders with whom I will be partnering for the very first time as they embark upon a year-long leadership program.

What was that excitement, I pondered? Similar to this summer where I dared myself to play fully, work intensely, share deeply and to open my heart to all of life, it has become, much to my wonder and surprise, the greatest summer ever. That is what that excitement is all about...the prospects of exploring what that is with others and carving out a year to discover oneself newly, is one of the greatest gifts ever.

This got me questioning the authenticity of a slogan that serves as a tag line for programs, for conversations, for marketing apparel, and is the essence of my work - "Changing the world, one leader at a time".

Companies brand themselves behind certain words a lot such as, Making a Difference, Revolutionizing the World, Dreams Realized, Inspiring Healthy Communities, etc. When these words go unexamined, they lose their power and relevancy. Gallup found that "only about one-third of the U.S. workforce strongly agrees that a company's mission or purpose makes them feel their job is important." There is often a disconnect with a company's stated mission, its brand aspirations and the workplace environment. A misalignment is costly as employees tend to perform better when they are aligned with a company's identity.

As equally important as living by the numbers, checking performance metrics, reviewing cash balances and scrutinizing the financials, an organization must bring vigilance to adhering to its principles, mission, vision and values.

Are you changing the world? Are you having a positive and powerful impact? Are you making a difference? Yes, we are all in business to make money; yet, the real task of leaders is to live up to their company's purpose with every decision they make.

Thank you for taking a moment to consider how you are spending your brief time on earth. Together we are making the world a better blog at a time.

Practice and Power on,


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