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Summer Leadership Challenge

Transformative Dynamics builds leaders who give back to the community.

This video depicts the impact achieved by a recent leadership competition. We are proud to have contributed more than $10,000 to two extraordinary non-profit organizations who create transformative experiences for kids and families in need. Clothing Our Kids and Surfers Healing were the beneficiaries of this year's Summer Leadership Challenge.

The area professionals who competed were brilliantly bountiful in their expression of generosity, creativity, adaptability, resourcefulness and energy. We are also immensely grateful to their employers, families, friends and the countless community members and donors who so rallied and astonished us by giving magnanimously. Thank you for investing in our kids, the real champions and future leaders!

The competing teams, Leadership Impact and Audacity 2.0, are comprised of area professionals representing the following companies: Bad Hair Day?, Beebe Healthcare, Carl M. Freeman Companies, Fairfax Mortgage Investments, Joshua M. & Carl M. Freeman Foundations, Miken Builders, NVR, Inc., Raymond F. Book & Associates, SODEL Concepts, Troon Golf, and United States Department of Agriculture.

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