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Getting Around To It

You must have misplaced your real life. It’s somewhere between the years of being a kid and the resolutions you set at the beginning of the year. Now where did you put it? You know… those things you wanted to get done, the places you wanted to travel, the projects you wanted to accomplish, the new things you wanted to learn…hmmm what happened to them?

They are waiting like an unopened gift you threw into the back of your closet and forgot about. Your dreams, goals, commitments, and promises are buried under ordinariness, busy-ness, unfolded laundry and a crowded inbox. They plan to show up – you are going to make them happen. One day, someday, later.

“LATER” is the enemy to living a fulfilled, satisfying and rewarding life. It’s always convincing you that whatever needs to be done will somehow be improved by waiting.

I’m sending a friendly reminder to jump in to action NOW!!!

How many moments are accumulating into years while you put off until later those things you said you would do? We defer not only our big goals, but also put off showing kindness, getting help for ourselves, telling people we love them and taking on leadership roles.

In practice now,


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