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  • What are the dates and times of Leadership Impact, Cohort V?"
    A small group of great leaders will participate in a dynamic, 10 month leadership program conducted once a month. There are 10 full day sessions from 8:00am to 3:30pm. The program launch requires two consecutive days with 8 monthly meetings to follow. Additionally, each leader will receive 10 monthly, 45 minute executive coaching sessions supporting his/her goals and objectives. Proposed meeting dates for COHORT V beginning in October 2019 are: Wednesday, October 2 and Thursday, October 3, 2019 Wednesday, October 23 Wednesday, November 20 Wednesday, December 18 Wednesday, January 22, 2020 Wednesday, February 19 Wednesday, March 18 Wednesday, April 15 Wednesday, May 13
  • What does Leadership Impact mean?
    Leadership Impact is 10 consecutive months of education, reflection, coaching and action. The program is dedicated to developing and deploying a new force of experienced, innovative leaders who want to alter their future. It means we are in the business of posturing people to take responsibility for creating work that matters. Be Amazing, Go Beyond.
  • Who should enroll?
    Leaders who embrace the possibility of a group dynamic to accelerate their own growth and development and that of their community We are seeking a maximum of 20 great leaders who are: Motivated to tackle big challenges Have successful track records with 10-15 years of accomplishments Passionate about what it takes to transform oneself, team, organization and community
  • How much does it cost?
    The investment in the program $5,200.
  • How do I apply for Leadership Impact?
    There are 3 steps: 1. Complete "Expression of Interest" Form 2. Schedule a conversation with faculty member Eunice Carpitella 3. Complete Registration documention
  • Is there an application fee?
    There is no application fee.
  • What is the curriculum like?
    A successful leadership program depends on its relevancy and desired impact. The curriculum is dynamic, challenging and meaningful. It is about integrative leadership, not just one aspect of your life called work. You will be encouraged to generate creative and authentic solutions for your whole life. We will explore the necessary components for living a productive, fulfilled and mindful existence. The secret to Leadership Impact program is that there is an extraordinary leader in all of us. Through a dialogue that brings together professional experience, education, feedback, and practical coaching prowess, leaders discover how to effectively merge timeless leadership principles and emerging best practices that allow for ultimate mental, physical and spiritual impact.
  • Will I get in?
    People who have demonstrated that they have the ability and desire to change are the ones most suited for this type of program. Additionally, attendance is mandatory; no exceptions. You must be willing to accept the terms of the program and bring a generosity of spirit focused on how you can have the greatest impact possible for yourself and fellow leaders Your participation matters greatly toward the success of the program and the availability for future leaders.
  • What are the requirements to get in?
    We are seeking great leaders who are: Motivated to tackle big challenges; Have successful track records with at least 10 years of accomplishments; Embrace the intense, intimate and condensed group dynamic that affords decades of knowledge, experience, and perspective; Passionate about what it takes to transform oneself, team, organization and community; A demand to be coached. Please be prepared 1) to conduct an interview with a faculty member, 2) to complete the enrollment application and 3) submit payment upon enrollment.
  • Consider asking your boss?
    Absolutely discuss this with your boss, if you have one. Entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers are welcome as well. You may find it empowering to share what you are learning and accomplishing in the program with your boss and colleagues. Remember, you are the lucky one to have a coach to work with and to be surrounded by selected participant leaders, so share what you gain with others. You alone must do it, but you don’t do it alone. Be a true partner. Your boss may offer to pay for the program – we hope that’s the case! And then, your boss may want to do the next program and/or identify others for future programs.
  • What is your attendence policy?
    Attendance is mandatory at all meetings; no exceptions. One of the realities of leadership is to embrace the notion that others are counting on you and every other leader to be fully present. We ask that you allocate your time accordingly and take this process seriously.
  • How is the program structured?
    The overall structure of the program is designed for maximum learning, accountability and partnership. Along with the benefit of a large group dynamic, each leader will receive 10 monthly, 45 minute executive coaching sessions supporting his/her goals and objectives. To maximize leaders’ engagement and participation each leader will have an accountability partner for the duration of the program as well as a peer group who will serve to enhance each other’s personal and professional awareness, growth and development. While we recognize the program must be entertaining and fun, this is a project-oriented course designed to generate real-learning. Real learning and growth come from “stretch” experiences. You will find the edge of your comfort zone and expand it.
  • What is the class size?
    The average class size is about 12 people. The leaders in our program are already great. It is our responsibility and privilege to inspire them to be better. We partner with business owners, senior leaders, emerging leaders and high potential leaders committed to being their best. All join us with years of experience, knowledge and success representing large and small companies from various industries and sectors throughout Delmarva.
  • How much time can I expect to spend on field work, daily,weekly, monthly?"
    In addition to a full day monthly and a 45 minute monthly coaching meeting, we recommend that leaders allocate at least two hours weekly for reading, research and independent fieldwork. Getting better requires practice. Additionally, your group and accountability partner may suggest phone meetings in between monthly gatherings.
  • Where does the program take place?
    We are thrilled to have SoDel Concepts as a collaborative partner. Leadership Impact Cohort V will be held at The Clubhouse at Baywood, a SoDel Concepts restaurant and event facility. This location allows for a private, professional, and comfortable environment with easy access to surrounding communities, ample parking, internet and catering services. Coffee Service will be available at 8:00am and lunch provided midday with short breaks throughout the day.
  • Who facilitates the programs meetings?
    Eunice Carpitella, founder, leadership expert and executive coach, Transformative Dynamics, llc will lead Leadership Impact. Eunice is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation with a master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics from University of Pennsylvania. With more than 30 years of investment, consulting and coaching industry experience, Eunice’s clients represent the corporate, non-profit and government sectors. They include emerging and senior leaders in Fortune 1000 companies, middle market businesses, entrepreneurs, women in business, and The McNulty Leadership Program with the Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, the program features influential business leaders as honorary guest speakers.
  • What is included in the program fee?
    This is a dynamic, 10 month leadership program conducted monthly. There are 10 full day sessions from 8:00am to 3:30pm. Additionally, each leader will receive 10 monthly, 45 minute executive coaching sessions supporting his/her goals and objectives. …Also provided are ample parking, internet and catering services. Coffee Service will be available at 8:00am and lunch provided with short breaks throughout the day; …Access to some of the area’s most successful business and thought leaders; …Pre-program prep that includes a reading list will be distributed as well. Most readings are recommended, a few are required and; …The greatest benefit included is the network of local leaders who will be partnering, collaborating and creating with you, in some cases, for life.
  • When is payment due?
    Payment is due upon enrollment. Be advised that this program will fill up. If you are clear this is for you, please register as soon as possible.
  • Is reimbursement possible?
    More and more organizations are becoming enlightened and understand the value of continuous learning. We will help you get reimbursed by your company in whatever way we can. Remember Delaware is a tax free state, no additional fees apply.
  • What type of payments are acceptable?
    We will remit an electronic invoice for the cost of the program. For your convenience, on-line payment as a bank transfer is recommended and is both a simple and safe process. Checks remitted in person or via the US postal system are acceptable as well.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If at any time you believe that the course isn’t working for you, just let us know. We’ll work out an appropriate refund.
  • Is financial aid available?
    We understand that tuition may be a stretch for some. Please call to discuss alternatives.
  • What are the program outcomes?
    There is nothing nobler than to lead people to excellence, fulfillment and collective achievement. Leadership Impact will navigate you through an intentional and experiential journey of transformation. People will be inspired to think, act and lead from the heart for sustainable success.
  • Will I receive a certificate?
    Yes, upon successfully completing the program each person receives a certificate of professional development
  • How do I register for Leadership Impact?
    To register for Leadership Impact complete the expression of interest form, or contact Eunice Carpitella, Transformative Dynamics, llc. or 610-551-8451


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